Brown Dads go by a creed of:
“No Denying…Responsibility. No Doubting…Who We Are. No Stopping…Brown Dads.”

The color brown is significant to us in many ways. However, its importance is primarily because it is the color of earth. The color Brown is associated with all things natural and organic. Men, dads who are featured here are individuals who are confident in themselves and in their ability to make their way, especially when they need to. They are confident in that ability of theirs no matter how difficult the obstacles that are presented in their way. 

Nothing against “fathers,” but Brown Dads is the squad “fathers” wish to be!

 One cannot simply pay tribute to men who are proud to be a Brown Dad without saying from the very outset that these men exemplify “determination to be present” in the lives of their children. Nominated by their children, neighbors, and friends, these men are helping to bring a change to our perceptions of male parents—and our observations of them.

We’d like to forever be known for our “determination to be present” and because of our go-getter attitudes. ALL Dads stand behind the B.R.O.W.N.! 

What is your Brown Dad story?

 “I think that this is the most memorable tribute I have ever read,” said Richard Otamere “In recognizing the humanity of our Dads, we pay them highest tribute and also profile one of their greatest achievements in life.”

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Send us their story and we could help you make your day. We want to help you in that desire of yours. Let’s pair together to recognize the humanity of each one of our dads. Take this opportunity for us to profile their story.

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