The parenting tools and better family living lessons that I have learned at meetup meetings,  has made a significant difference in the amount of time and my willingness to give the “best of myself” to my children and family!

My entire family has noticed a 100% increase in better communication, fun, laughter, and a closeness that wasn’t there before attending the BROWN DADS Meetup remarkable meetings – and I plan to attend more!    
-Kenneth G.


Wow!, Wow!  First the B.R.O.W.N. DADS monthly group meetings are AMAZING! The entire two days of framework of defining the “characteristic a B.R.O.W.N. DAD” and breaking down “Father vs. Dad” was amazingly productive.

The best part was that I immediately felt a brotherhood with other men who (like me) love more than anything being a dad.  Thank You Myles for opening our minds to a greater awareness of being a DAD! I am a Proud B.R.O.W.N. DAD,who is forever Determined 2B Present in the lives of my children!

​When it comes to blended families there are added overwhelming dynamics that aren’t included in a traditional family. I sincerely thank you Myles and the BROWN DADSquad for helping me see differences vibrate pluses!

The squad has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to share Brown Dad’s mission widely. The Wednesday meetup meetings are engaging new, old, step, divorced, married, single, and remarried with a blended family dads gratifying results.Happy I’m proud to call myself a B.R.O.W.N. DAD!!!

I am a 1st time dad of a 5-month-old baby boy. My wife and I were skeptical as to what kind of parent I would be. My beautiful wife is so blessed to have both of her parents present in her life. However, my childhood story wasn’t as colorful as my wife’s. I’ve never met my father and I wouldn’t know him if I passed him on the streets. I owe my "now confidence in fatherhood" to my wife for taking the initiative to sign me up for Brown DADS group meeting for dads.

Since going to the BD meetings, learning something new at every meeting, and connecting with other dads of different nationalities and experiences I am SO Confidence that I am a loving & caring dad and husband. And I’m now certain God has laid out my path that I will follow to be an example that my son will grow up to be proud of.

I am Appreciative for the awesome team of Brown DADS Team Members!             -Anthony P.


Would it be worth the time to attend a Brown Dads meetup meeting?

I can confirm that it definitely is worth the time and worthy of following the squad’s social media connects.

The meetings cover a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. Last week’s speaker obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into delivering a message the all of the dads could benefit from.

But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from doing individual and group assignments, receiving feedback and interacting with guest speaker and the other dads.

The instructor’s format gave me the confidence and tools to improve the communication exchange between my children and my ex “their mother”. Since coming to the meetings, even my personal life has become much clearer.                 -Raymond J. 


I’ve learned more from the attending the, “Brown Dads determined to be present for our children” meetings for men, than the family group meetings at my church. I’ll be there next week with my pastor and the men from my church. Amen!  -Wayne C. II 


I approached brown dad squad because of a referral from a two female coworkers. I recently became divorced and I was awarded full, not primary custody by default because their mother didn't want any responsibility of raising three teenagers. My coworkers spoke highly of the group and its mission to help dads remain present and supportive in the lives of their kids.

I’m 40 years old and my parents are still happily married. I never in my wildest dreams believed I would be divorced yet alone and single with 3 kids.

The men’s group has helped me with self-confidence tremendously.

The result is I am mentally prepared and determined to raise my children and I know that I have a brotherhood and support within the Brown Dads group.

One thing I like is their vision statement -Devotion: The love and commitment of a father is the moral force in the life of a child that makes the child never stand alone.Accountable: Even when his arms are empty, a trustworthy father still has his child running to him because there is so much safety and reliability. Determined: The joy of a father is watching his child grow and not have the regrets of not being an active part of his child’s life.

I found the experience a union that society and others should emulate their example.

I would recommend Brown Dads to any man with children in their life with a broken relationship with their children or any dad that desires learn characteristics that help to shape and form the lives of children. In every way experience the process and you’ll come through a proud brown dad! 

And you’re done!           -Bradley M.


I know you “think” you have the know withal to raise your kids.  I so respect it because I was you before attending my first Brown Dads meeting.

They are so right when it comes to describing “beyond the words” the difference between a father and DAD…and what is right for you—but there is going to be a huge revolution and awareness of confidence and accountability. Attend the meetings and workshops. You will do well!  God bless. I know the experience will be a whole new beginning for you, your children, and family. So whatever you do, Enjoy!   -Gordon P. 


I have never written a testimony in my life but for this I just had to...I couldn't possibly find the perfect words to describe my amazing weekend I experienced at the B.R.O.W.N. D.A.D.S. boot camp for DADS! I'll start crying and I don't have waterproof tear ducts.

Looking back I realize I was in complete denial about my role as the “male” in the development of my children from birth through adulthood. How was it possible? Because society titled me, (as if I don’t matter), “Just the Father”.  But inside I know I wanted to be to my children, all of the strong characteristic demonstrated as a B.R.O.W.N. Dad.

I want my children to understand my purpose as their DAD and for them to see me as, Brave, Respectful, Optimistic, Willing, Noble, Devoted, Accountable, and Determined 2B Present in their lives until eternity.

I am honored to be a member of the Brown Dads Squad.  Thank You,

-Brent W. 


THE BROWN DAD SQUAD changed his life forever. Because without you, there's no pride to being more the just a father, there's no a lot of us…Proud B.R.O.W.N. dads. A lot of fathers would have been proud, but there's something about the brotherhood that made us prideful and made us better men and dads. I thank you and I can't wait to do work that was shared.

Let's keep it moving.             -Thomas F.


THE BROWN DAD SQUAD is like a comfortable shoe to me. THE BROWN DAD SQUAD, I'm going to tell you something that you already know and that is that you mean the world to me. I welcome the next phase of the squad’s success with excitement because I’m certain we're all looking forward to seeing what it brings.            -Douglas H. 


If it weren't for the support I’ve received from the brown dads group, I wouldn't be here right now. I came to the group a year ½ ago as a single guy in the process of adopting a child.

Thank you so much for inspiring me to be a better man and inspiring me to be a confident determined 2B dad like Myles, the founder. Don't ever stop doing this amazing work…We need Brown Dads around the world!                     -Ray T.


 I will never again be the focal point of my better wife's universe, and it's perfectly okay...our kids are! Our children are everything to us. Their joy and happiness, well-being, their feeling of prosperity and individual security, is more important than my own. Before attending THE BROWN DAD'S meetups, I was selfish bastard in my marriage however fortunately the meetups has given me the best point of view of being a father. In my present reality, I would give up everything for family, without even batting an eye.             -Aron N Jr


For me, the best thing about having a daughter (besides loving, protecting, ensuring she knows God, and her well-being), is being the best example of a good man for her. And attending my B.R.O.W.N. DADS meetings on a regular basis, helps to magnify how blessed I am to be a dad, and helps me to stay focused on this amazing journey of being proud to be a parent.                      -Saleem K.