His Purpose In Life

Myles Dixson, Born in New Jersey, grew up in the “projects.” Although he grew up in a two-parent household technically and his parents remained married until his mother’s passing in 2008, his father was never present. The only boy of his parent’s three children, “My father wasn’t ‘determined 2B Present’,” Dixson stated. The constantly changing social environment allowed him to gain a greater perspective into how people interact with each other, as individuals, and in more intimate partnerships.  “I became a ‘people watcher’,” Dixson admits, “because that’s how we survived when I was a kid growing up in the projects”.  “I became an excited Christian! I loved learning how different people coped with the same challenges, and eventually I discovered not only a lot about human relationships, but also a lot about myself.” 

In 2000, Dixson had a daughter from a failed marriage. However, according to Myles, it was at the very moment of the birth that he knew what he was meant to be for the rest of his life… Her Dad! He knew not because of the great teaching from his father but because God had said, “Myles, I will teach you how to be the Dad she will need.” “The year 2000 is forever special to Myles because he was blessed to be a ‘24/7, determined 2B present, best thing in the world to be…Daddy!”





Dixson remarried in 2012 to Terry Dixson and he gives all the credit to his wife for blessing the lives of he and his daughter. “She gives my daughter and me so much happiness and joy that I can scarcely contain it all!”, says Dixson.  “Terry changed my life for the best.” 

Dixson began this tradition in 2000 after becoming a dad—and now is very proud to share that his fraternity formed in 2009 with other Brown Dads who are proud and deserving of the title “Dad.” 


While his background is in business, Myles Dixson found himself more and more wanting to birth his purpose to inspire a lasting bond between parent and child. In 2016, Dixson and his wife started the Determined 2B Present, Inc. (D2BP), non-profit 501(c)(3) Foundation [www.Determined2BPresent.org]

The D2BP Foundation seeks out other high-performing nonprofits and charities whose programs and services set a high standard of quality in creating meaningful social change that also mirrors the mission of D2BP.

They find funding to help the cause of the other nonprofits and charities.

“We are a gifting nonprofit,” the Dixson’s stated. They aim to fulfill their purpose to give back.